Small Independent Publishers

“quality over quantity”

“precious things come to us in small packages”

The small-scale, independent publishing houses are small companies, aiming at publishing affordable, aesthetically pleasing and well-curated books, of up and coming–for the most part–authors.

Some of the disadvantages of the small, independent publishing houses are that they do not have significant design, marketing research, and promotion resources. However, these disadvantages are rather become strengths, because through that route, the writer avoids unsustainable additional costs. In addition, transactions are clear and simple, with no grounds of misunderstanding.

Let’s talk about the advantages though; and we do think that the advantages are sufficient, not only because of the reasons that we already mentioned. A lot of the times, a good book, whose publication is refused by large publishing houses, comes to the surface by independent publishers, who promote worthwhile writers, contributing in that way to the communication of new, fresh ideas and opinions, which are absolutely necessary in the present time of exploration of new paradigms but also of psychological/spiritual and aesthetic cultivation and for moving towards the future. The risk of publishing an often groundbreaking variety of ideas and styles is a lot of the times undertaken by small, independent publishing houses.

“Thines" is a well-bonded and united family of people of exceptional collaborators, most of which are friends of different age groups and with different tastes. We love books and the art of typography and we are highly driven and motivated, when it comes to publishing. Resisting the financial crisis era, we have devoted ourselves to a cause that we think is extinct, but necessary. Based in Athens and Los Angeles we have started our journey into the magical world of typographic print publishing.